Organic Moringa Virgin Oil – 4 OZ
December 12, 2021

Organic Moringa Capsule – 2 Pack 360 Capsule


Product Description: Our moringa capsule filled with high quality moringa powder , 3x Times stronger and more potent than normal brand, Our capsules are vegan ( veggie capsule) not gelatin, Our Moringa contains Powerful Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, Rich in Flavanoids,Multivitamin,Minerals,Amino Acids,EGCG’s.

We guarantee you will be pleased with our quality, 100% Refund , Free 30 Day return.The finest moringa you can ever find buy. we are only seller that sells unoxidized moringa.

Our Moringa capsule made in USA FDA Registered Facility and GMP( Good manufacturing practices)

Product – Made from Premium Grade Quality Moringa Powder, third party tested safe.
Packaging – MADE IN USA, 180, capsule Sealed pharma grade bottle. Lot and expiry at the bottom.
Price – Best Price with Free Shipping and Free Returns. If you Like Moringa you will Love MOGO™ Moringa.
1. Product Quality – Our Moringa Leaf Powder contains only 100% Moringa Leaves , Our Moringa Leaves nutrients are tested before harvesting, hence our Product were most potent and powerful than any other leading brand. Our Moringa Leaf Powder contains chlorophyll level closest to the fresh moringa leaves, Our Process require nearly 16.2 Lb of Fresh leafs to make 1 Lb of Dried Green Powder. Our Moringa Leaf Powder exhibit all all the characteristics that Moringa should have. Our Moringa has Vibrant Fresh Green Color.

No Sticks, No Yellow Leaves, No Sand….you will get moringa powder for your money..

Caution: Dont Buy Moringa Powder if its brown color , its has lost all the nutrients during poor drying process and oxidized, unfortunately this type of moringa was commonly found with most sellers.

2. Packaging – MADE IN USA, 180 capsule count comes in Sealed bottle, Lot and expiry at the bottom.

3. Price – Fairly Priced for our extremely high quality Premium Product.

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